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How to Store Chocolate in Summer ☀️

Enjoying a bar of chocolate at the park is the perfect picnic companion, but chocolate in the sunshine is a risky business! Here's how we recommend to store and display chocolate in high temperatures: 

☀️ Chocolate starts to melt at 27/28 degrees

☀️ Be sure to store/display chocolate in a cool, dark place (but not in the fridge!). If chocolate overheats, the bar will come out of “temper” and the cocoa butter will rise to the surface - causing white streaky marks and a change in texture.

☀️ If you absolutely have to keep it in the fridge to stop it from melting only do this for a short period of time (chocolate left in the fridge for long periods can condensate or change the cocoa butter structure and texture as it melts). 

☀️ If your shop is extremely hot, drop us an email and we can send you empty boxes of chocolate to display and keep the stock somewhere cool. hello@bareboneschocolate.co.uk